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Regardless of the size or complexity of a project a successful outcome relies on an effective development and construction project management approach.  LT's established and proven program and project management approach will allow the design, construction and property management teams to understand the overall design and construction process and to work together effectively.  LT's program will also allow the client to understand the milestones, decisions and finances of the process so they are able to anticipate and manage cash flow and approvals as well as temporary and final occupancy issues.

LT's project program includes the coordinated development and implementation of  the following project management tools and procedures:

- Development of a project manual that includes project procedures, approval procedures, chain of command and reporting procedures

- Development and continuous refinement of project scope, budget and schedule documents.

- Development of a complete design and FF&E procurement team bidding and selection process

- Development of project financial plan including complete budget development, overall cost reporting and cash flow projections

- Development of a detailed and coordinated design schedule that includes a series of mock ups, owner approvals and budget updates

- Development of a comprehensive contractor bidding and selection process

- Development of a complete and detailed construction schedule including descriptions of building and floor construction periods, shop drawings approvals, punch listing periods, FF&E install, affects on occupied areas and owner's separate contractors work.  

- Development of a comprehensive logistics plan including security, vertical transportation and building access issues

- Development of a comprehensive project turnover plan